World War Two, a very peculiar history

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作者:written ; by ; Jim ; Pipe

出版社:Book House Andrews UK Ltd


出版地:Brighton, England [Luton, England]


ISBN:9781908759795 ; 1908759798

World War Two, A Very Peculiar History' explores the most destructive event of the twentieth century, a war that defined and shaped the world we live in today. Jim Pipe introduces the nations, as well as individuals, that participated and the politics that drove them, alongside the Peculiar History-style fascinating trivia and quirky facts. In this book you can learn about mad British schemes and the atomic bomb, Nazi hunters and wartime songs, as well as comprehensive chapters about the origins and causes of World War Two, the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich, how the war was handled at home and much, much more. 'World War Two, A Very Peculiar History' is also packed with captivating anecdotes and interesting panels of mind-boggling information about World War II.

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